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"My Heart But Spare My Soul: Interview With Alison O’Daniel, César Leal, And Greg Pond" by Audrey Molloy, Art Index, 3 December 2018

"Seed Space shares Kevin Everson's short films that captured 2017 solar eclipse" by Melinda Baker, The Tennessean, 6 May 2018

CRITIC'S PICK: "Magdalena Moskalewicz + Dushko Petrovich", Nashville Scene, Nov. 2017

"From Counter-Couture To Runway Ready: A Conversation With Knoxville Artist Lauren Sanders" by Zack Plaster, Wussy, November 13, 2017

"The Still Life: Abigail Lucien at Seed Space" by Mike Calway-Fagen, Temporary Art Review, 26 Oct. 2017

CRITIC'S PICK: "Insight Lecture feat. Lauren Haynes", Nashville Scene, Sept. 2017

"Demetrius Oliver: Aeriform" by Audrey Molloy, Nashville Arts Magazine, Sept. 2017

Co-Director Brian R. Jobe's recent conversation with Art F City's Paddy Johnson can be read in her review of 21c Museum Hotel, Nashville. Excerpt: “There’s something familial to the community—a desire for generations to talk to one another within the art scene.” - Jobe

Co-Director Brian R. Jobe's conversation with Artsy's Isaac Kaplan is featured in the last 3 paragraphs of this article. Excerpt: "Art is thought about in terms of how much it costs,” [Jobe] told me, and not often enough as “an experience that can change a person.”

"Art and Basketball: The Alchemy of Brandon Donahue" by Erica Ciccarone, Nashville Arts Magazine, Dec. 2016

"Black Ball: Brandon Donahue Slam-dunks Foul Shot at Seed Space" by Joe Nolan, Nashville Scene, 23 Nov. 2016

"Strange Rituals: Brent Stewart and Willie Stewart at Seed Space, Nashville" by Joe Nolan, Burnaway, 1 Aug. 2016

"Seed Space Examines Art of Mending" by Sara Estes, The Tennessean, 29 May. 2016

"Mending as Metaphor: Mary Addison Hackett at Seed Space, Nashville" by Erica Ciccarone, Burnaway, 23 May. 2016

"Eric Dickson’s 'War and Rumors of War' at Seed Space, Nashville" by Erica Ciccarone, Burnaway, 6 Nov. 2015

"Rocky Horton: The Country Life Interview" by Laura Hutson, Nashville Scene, 11 Jun. 2015

"Rocky Horton's Light Show is Conceptual Art at its Best" by Laura Hutson, Nashville Scene, 11 Jun. 2015

"Rocky Horton’s Light Transfer, at Seed Space in Nashville" by Joe Nolan, Burnaway, 5 Jun. 2015

"Insight? Outta Site! Lecture feat. Art F City's Paddy Johnson, Noon Today at Downtown Library" by Laura Hutson, Nashville Scene, 31 Mar. 2015

"Greg Pond Branches Out At Seed Space" by Sara Estes, Arts Nash, 15 Dec. 2014

"The Waiting Game: Greg Pond at Seed Space in Nashville" by Joe Nolan, Burnaway, 10 Dec. 2014

"Seed Space Sprouts at Track One" by Joe Nolan, Nashville Scene, 3 Mar. 2014

"Interview: Rachel Bubis" by Brian R. Jobe, Number Inc. Magazine, p.8-9, Winter 2014

"2014: The Year of Middle-Aged, Unpretentious Artists, According to Whitney Biennial Co-Curator" by Veronica Kavass, Nashville Scene, 24 Dec. 2013

"Seed Space" Temporary Art Review, 16 Apr. 2013



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